Alon Yaari for Holliston School Committee

Three of the Reasons Why I am Running

Budget. Recent large-value requests for funding raise questions about how existing funds are used. As a taxpayer I would like to increase transparency so I understand where money is going.

Communications are key. The Committee sets policy and budget on many topics without enough explanation to the public. My plan is to increase clarity for Committee decisions.

Special education needs are very important to my family. The district does an excellent job balancing resources with child needs, especially in the lower grades. Families have reported gaps in application of services in the higher grades. As possible as a Committee member, I plan to help parents navigate the system and to provide a liaison and advocate staff and families.

Video Interview

Mary Greendale interviewed me for her Just Thinking series on Holliston Cable Access Television.

Special Education

Holliston SEPAC asked three questions about my perspectives that impact children requiring services.